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Janae’s First Christmas

Because we can’t get out to see everyone, we thought we’d post some Christmas pictures here to share.   Enjoy!

Janae met Santa (who arrived in a vintage fire truck, thanks to Dundee Fire Dept)

Visit with Santa

Look who can sit all by herself!

Janae sitting in front of the tree

Yummy bows and ribbons…


… and this present is delicious, too!


Janae loves Christmas this much!


Merry Christmas, everyone!

For more McDonough family pictures, click here.

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Labor Day Beach Trip

This past weekend we took Janae to Lincoln City in honor of Auntie Katie’s birthday. Here’s a photo of Janae with the birthday girl:

This was the munchkin’s first overnight trip as well as her first excursion to the beach– what a fun time!

Janae is a total trooper in the car, so the actual travel to the beach and back went really well.  It was how long packing the van took that surprised Jeff and I, however.  It’s amazing how much stuff such a little person needs just to go on the road for a few nights!  We brought multiple outfits for each day we would be gone (in case of baby blowouts… you know that’s what happens if you neglect to bring an extra outfit), multiple sleepers for night (same reason as the daytime outfits: avoiding blowout issues), tons of socks, hoodies, hats, blankets, binkies, the pack and play, monitors, diapers, wipes, diaper cream, bottles and formula just in case she decided to stop breastfeeding while on vacation, bath supplies, vitamins, toys, the bouncer…   The list goes on (and on, and on…) So much stuff!

Thankfully, we didn’t forget anything important at home.  New parent gold star for us!

We had a blast getting away from our normal routine and our house!  The weather at Lincoln City was gorgeous– we were able to enjoy sunsets over the ocean each night, and listen to the crashing waves through the open window in our bedroom.  The accommodations were wonderful– especially the delicious meals!  (Thanks Mom and Dad!)


After eating a particularly delicious breakfast one morning, we decided to go for a walk down to the bay by Mo’s, walk along the beach, play in the sand a bit, and then back to the house.  It was such a nice day that we had to take a few photos along the way!

Here’s a shot of the entire family (including Katie and Josh’s puppies, Bella and Baxter) by the fish sculpture by Mos,

a snapshot of the three of us on our first family vacation,

and a close up of Janae with the Bay in the background.

After indulging in the family photo op, we walked along a beach trail that runs from the bay, around the bluff, and ends up at the ocean.  As we walked along this route, we ran into a special spot for us– the place Jeff and I stood to escape an Oregon Coast downpour shortly after getting engaged!  It’s a funny little hideaway that you don’t really notice unless you know what you’re looking for– it’s quaint, peaceful and gorgeous.  We couldn’t resist the opportunity to hike our way in and take a picture with our new daughter in the exact same location as when we first decided to commit to life together!


Here’s a view of us with Janae in front of the ocean for the first time!

Jeff and I also had a fun treat during the weekend getaway: our first date alone since Janae was born!  Grandma and Grandpa took the little one for the evening so we got a chance to head out on the town.  We went to the most unique and sketchy bookstore on the Oregon coast and walked through room after room of fabulous used books (that bookstore is really worth an entire post in it’s own right…), enjoyed dinner and drinks at the Lighthouse McMennamins, went to a local farmer’s/artisan’s market, and walked along the bay after picking up delicious lattes (Yay, Stumptown!).  And, if this relaxing outing wasn’t enough, we returned to the house and Grandma and Grandpa had just put Janae down for a nap!  With the munchkin sleeping, Jeff had a chance to play poker with the boys and I was able to read and knit (maybe I’ll actually finish those socks after all!).  What a great way to reconnect with each other and relax– thanks Mom and Dad!!

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Baby seems to be taking the long route…

Well, we just returned from our first “overdue” appointment with the OB.  Some things (soft, effaced cervix) are looking really good and ready to go, while other things (lack of a cervix dilating past 2 cm) are dawdling and taking their own sweet time.

After checking in on baby’s heart rate, weight gain, and belly size (all of which look perfect for where we’re at), it was time to talk induction.  This was a conversation that I wasn’t incredibly excited to have, as I’ve been hoping that my body and the baby would work together and get the show on the road naturally.  I really wanted to avoid using Pitocin or other drugs that are supposed to induce labor because of the increased intensity of contractions as well as the increased need for C-Sections (please no C-Sections, Lord!).  Because of that, and the doctor seeming pretty happy with a “watch and wait” plan as long as I don’t stay pregnant beyond 42 weeks, we’re going to hold off on induction for a bit longer to let nature (hopefully) take its course.

We’re heading back to the doctor’s office next week for non-stress tests on July 21st and July 24th to make sure that baby is handling the prolonged pregnancy well.  If everything continues to check out and look healthy in these tests, the doctor will hold off on inducing until Saturday, July 26th.  Hopefully, nature and baby Janae will decide to kick things into high gear before the 26th, though!

If baby Janae decides to be stubborn to the point of waiting that long to be born (please no, please no, please no…), then she’ll share a birthday with her 10 years older cousin, Abby!  (My sister-in-law confessed that she’s not-so-secretly hoping for the shared birthday outcome due to the cuteness factor.  I agree wholeheartedly about the extreme cuteness involved, but am holding out hope for an earlier, naturally occurring delivery.  We’re just going to have to wait and see who is the best wisher!)  😉

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Practicing patience

Our doctor appointment today went well, though not quite exactly how I’d hoped it would go. (Confession: my hope was that we’d have to call the doctor and have her meet us at the hospital because I was in labor and the baby was coming any second. That didn’t quite happen.) 😉

I’m not as disappointed as I was after last weeks’ appointment, or as bummed out as I thought I would be that the little peanut won’t arrive today. (Last week was BAD…) Yesterday I had a peaceful realization (okay, remembrance more that realization) that this time we have now before Janae arrives is a gift. This time of just Jeff and I being together is precious, and something that I will always cherish. Rather than fuss needlessly over how I can speed up babys’ arrival (which I’d totally been doing, to no avail. Seriously- nothing worked, and I tried everything), I’m going to try to be present in the moments of our “just the two of us” time.

As I was sitting on the couch reflecting on how difficult it is to be patient despite the great joy I feel in the present moment, I stumbled upon a quote by Henri Nouwen that perfectly captures my thoughts.

Patience is a hard discipline. It is not just waiting until something happens over which we have no control: the arrival of the bus, the end of the rain, the return of a friend, the resolution of a conflict. Patience is not a waiting passivity until someone else does something. Patience asks us to live the moment to the fullest, to be completely present to the moment, to taste the here and now, to be where we are. When we are impatient, we try to get away from where we are. We behave as if the real thing will happen tomorrow, later, and somewhere else. Let’s be patient and trust that the treasure we look for is hidden in the ground on which we stand.

Here’s to embracing fully the blessings of today while waiting for the joy of tomorrow! (Or whenever the little peanut chooses to arrive.) 🙂

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The Waiting Game Continues

After finishing up my MAT work in April and teaching for the year in June, I’ve had plenty of time to relax and prepare for the upcoming transition to parenthood.  The nursery is painted, and all the adorable little baby clothes are washed and organized.  All the cupboards have been scrubbed and reorganized, the freezer has been stocked with quick and easy foods (thank heaven for Costco!), and the bags for the hospital are ready.  Heck, I even have half of my labor knitting project complete!  (Now that I mention that, I might need to go cast on for another pair of socks to get me through early labor…) With all the preparations done, the wait to meet our little one is starting to drag on.  And on.  And on….

I fully acknowledge that first babies typically arrive after their due date, but I’ve been clinging to some major hopes that our little peanut will make her debut early.  With only 3 days until the due date, though, it seems like Janae’s running out of time to do so.  (I’m consoling myself that she must be running on “Spain time” instead of how we do things in the US.  She’s a future Spaniard-at-heart, I can just feel it!)

So, today at 1:45 we’re off to the doctor for a check up to make sure everything is on track and going well.  Hopefully we’ll find out that everything looks good, and that Janae might make her debut tonight.  (It’s amazing how optimistic/disconnected from reality I can be sometimes!)  Adding to my delusions is a dream that my grandma that baby will come on the 10th.  I keep crossing my fingers hoping that her dream was correct and that the 10th (today) will be the big day!  We’ll just have to wait and see…

Hopefully the next post you read will be Jeff and I announcing our new daughter, complete with tons of cute baby pictures!

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La Jungla finally finished!

After months of drafting and sketching, painting and edging, and countless hours of blacklining the Jungla is finished!  On Tuesday, Jeff and I pulled a late night to finish painting all the black lines in the nursery.  Though it took countless hours to design and paint a floor-to-ceiling mural on 4 walls, we’re happy with the results.  We even decided that we’d do it again if we had the opportunity to go back and choose everything again!

Here’s three shots that show the animals and parts of 3 of the walls.  The blotchy spots in the photos aren’t actually painted on the walls, but are from a dusty and dirty photo lens.  (It was getting late, and we were too tired to keep fussing with the camera to take new photos.)  The colors in the photo aren’t entirely true to life, but it gives a decent idea of the “feel” the Jungla has.  It’s so much cuter in person, though!

Now that the nursery is fully painted, we started to move the furniture in.  The changing table is in place, the rocker and ottoman are assembled, the diaper pail is ready to go, and all the sweet little baby clothes are in their appropriate places in the closet or bureau drawers.  Seeing the room come together is starting to make baby Janae seem so much more real!

We can’t wait to bring her home and see her in her own little Jungla.  Hopefully, she’ll decide to make an earlier debut!

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Baby Update

We went to the Doctor today- all is well. It was a super quick check up: measure the belly (my stomach is the right size) and listen to the baby’s heartbeat. When the doctor held the sonogram monitor to my stomach, Janae tried to push away the wand and kick the doctor. Like she does every time. (Only now, she’s putting some muscle behind those kicks– ouch!) Already, we see a little personality coming out– this girl doesn’t like to be poked or bothered, and she’ll let you know it! (Just like a first born daughter ought to. Ian, are you scared yet?) 🙂

The best news from the appointment today is that we can finally take a deep breath after the chicken pox epidemic at my school. After the county Department of Health got involved and a new student was diagnosed with the chicken pox daily (not exaggerating: 15% of the school came down with the chicken pox– total infestation!), there was plenty of worry about whether my continued teaching would put Janae at risk. After taking off some time from work, the doctor says that I seem to be doing fine (no more itchy rash, hallelujah!), and baby is doing great as well. As long as no more students pass around childhood diseases for the rest of the school year (5 more days… Yahoo!), we should be in good shape!

So, all in all, a good check up! I can’t believe how fast this whole pregnancy is going. It seriously feels like we found out just a month or so ago, and we’re at 35 weeks already. The craziest part for me, though, is thinking that babies are considered to be full term anywhere between 36 – 40 weeks. I can’t quite wrap my brain around thinking that Janae could potentially join us next week!

Here’s hoping that Jeff and I can wrap our brains around it enough to finish painting La Jungla soon. 🙂

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