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Janae’s First Christmas

Because we can’t get out to see everyone, we thought we’d post some Christmas pictures here to share.   Enjoy!

Janae met Santa (who arrived in a vintage fire truck, thanks to Dundee Fire Dept)

Visit with Santa

Look who can sit all by herself!

Janae sitting in front of the tree

Yummy bows and ribbons…


… and this present is delicious, too!


Janae loves Christmas this much!


Merry Christmas, everyone!

For more McDonough family pictures, click here.

(Or you can type it in on your own, if you want to.


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Sorry for the long absence. I know, I know: Rule 76. No excuses. Play like a champion.

I’ve added some photos to the link on the right, and PROMISE I’ll get something new up soon.

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