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Labor Day Beach Trip

This past weekend we took Janae to Lincoln City in honor of Auntie Katie’s birthday. Here’s a photo of Janae with the birthday girl:

This was the munchkin’s first overnight trip as well as her first excursion to the beach– what a fun time!

Janae is a total trooper in the car, so the actual travel to the beach and back went really well.  It was how long packing the van took that surprised Jeff and I, however.  It’s amazing how much stuff such a little person needs just to go on the road for a few nights!  We brought multiple outfits for each day we would be gone (in case of baby blowouts… you know that’s what happens if you neglect to bring an extra outfit), multiple sleepers for night (same reason as the daytime outfits: avoiding blowout issues), tons of socks, hoodies, hats, blankets, binkies, the pack and play, monitors, diapers, wipes, diaper cream, bottles and formula just in case she decided to stop breastfeeding while on vacation, bath supplies, vitamins, toys, the bouncer…   The list goes on (and on, and on…) So much stuff!

Thankfully, we didn’t forget anything important at home.  New parent gold star for us!

We had a blast getting away from our normal routine and our house!  The weather at Lincoln City was gorgeous– we were able to enjoy sunsets over the ocean each night, and listen to the crashing waves through the open window in our bedroom.  The accommodations were wonderful– especially the delicious meals!  (Thanks Mom and Dad!)


After eating a particularly delicious breakfast one morning, we decided to go for a walk down to the bay by Mo’s, walk along the beach, play in the sand a bit, and then back to the house.  It was such a nice day that we had to take a few photos along the way!

Here’s a shot of the entire family (including Katie and Josh’s puppies, Bella and Baxter) by the fish sculpture by Mos,

a snapshot of the three of us on our first family vacation,

and a close up of Janae with the Bay in the background.

After indulging in the family photo op, we walked along a beach trail that runs from the bay, around the bluff, and ends up at the ocean.  As we walked along this route, we ran into a special spot for us– the place Jeff and I stood to escape an Oregon Coast downpour shortly after getting engaged!  It’s a funny little hideaway that you don’t really notice unless you know what you’re looking for– it’s quaint, peaceful and gorgeous.  We couldn’t resist the opportunity to hike our way in and take a picture with our new daughter in the exact same location as when we first decided to commit to life together!


Here’s a view of us with Janae in front of the ocean for the first time!

Jeff and I also had a fun treat during the weekend getaway: our first date alone since Janae was born!  Grandma and Grandpa took the little one for the evening so we got a chance to head out on the town.  We went to the most unique and sketchy bookstore on the Oregon coast and walked through room after room of fabulous used books (that bookstore is really worth an entire post in it’s own right…), enjoyed dinner and drinks at the Lighthouse McMennamins, went to a local farmer’s/artisan’s market, and walked along the bay after picking up delicious lattes (Yay, Stumptown!).  And, if this relaxing outing wasn’t enough, we returned to the house and Grandma and Grandpa had just put Janae down for a nap!  With the munchkin sleeping, Jeff had a chance to play poker with the boys and I was able to read and knit (maybe I’ll actually finish those socks after all!).  What a great way to reconnect with each other and relax– thanks Mom and Dad!!


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