The Story (a pg-rated photo tour) Part 2

July 30, 2008 at 12:46 pm 1 comment

When I last left you, I had just come into the room to find that the medical personnel in the room had doubled, and Kim had moved into a pushing position since I had left the room five minutes earlier. Apparently, when Kim was given her epidural, everyone was assuming that we still had some significant time before delivery. Immediately after the epidural, she was found to be at 10 cm. Nice, because if they had checked 10 minutes earlier, no epidural.

Here I am, “helping”:

“Helping” included encouraging remarks, bracing the left leg (a nurse had the right), and supporting the back of her head during pushing without forcing her chin into her throat (no small feat, just ask my brother-in-law.)

I personally had three stressful moments in the hour that followed:

  1. When the water broke, a nurse immediately made a call to the neo-natal unit to advise of “mec”. In the EMT class I took last year, I remembered that “mec” means meconium, which often is the result of fetal distress, and can lead to some fairly significant complications. Stressful.
  2. When her head crowned, a surplus of scalp folded under the pressure, which is not a problem, but from my angle the fold looked like a caved-in portion of skull. Which in my ever-looking-for-connections brain, would definitely qualify as the fetal distress leading to the meconium staining. Not a fun moment.
  3. When her whole head emerged, the cord was wrapped twice around her neck. Now there were competing sources for the fetal distress.

So when the doctor asked if I wanted to cut the cord, I did a quick gut check, and decided against it. Last thing anyone needed was me going down in the delivery room. The one thing that helped me keep it together was watching the reactions of the doctors on hand. Other than advising the neo-natal staff of the meconium issue, no other personnel was requested, and everyone seemed downright at ease. I kept telling myself that if anything was going drastically wrong, the room would quickly fill up with more doctors.

Despite all the drama, she was born within an hour of the start of active labor, got her first breaths in, and was on her way! First she had to get a bath:

Then it was back to meet mom, and get a family photo:

We spend the next two nights at the hospital. The expertise when we had questions was nice. Sleeping on the floor and moving around a cramped little room was not nice. It was an amazing feeling to pack up, get in the car, and drive home as a family of three.


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  • 1. Jason  |  July 30, 2008 at 2:02 pm

    Chickened on the cord, eh? With the first one I hadn’t even thought about it going in, so it was a “Well…uh…ok, I guess. What do I do? Just cut here?” kinda thing. It definitely was an experience in its own right.


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