Baby seems to be taking the long route…

July 16, 2008 at 12:08 pm 2 comments

Well, we just returned from our first “overdue” appointment with the OB.  Some things (soft, effaced cervix) are looking really good and ready to go, while other things (lack of a cervix dilating past 2 cm) are dawdling and taking their own sweet time.

After checking in on baby’s heart rate, weight gain, and belly size (all of which look perfect for where we’re at), it was time to talk induction.  This was a conversation that I wasn’t incredibly excited to have, as I’ve been hoping that my body and the baby would work together and get the show on the road naturally.  I really wanted to avoid using Pitocin or other drugs that are supposed to induce labor because of the increased intensity of contractions as well as the increased need for C-Sections (please no C-Sections, Lord!).  Because of that, and the doctor seeming pretty happy with a “watch and wait” plan as long as I don’t stay pregnant beyond 42 weeks, we’re going to hold off on induction for a bit longer to let nature (hopefully) take its course.

We’re heading back to the doctor’s office next week for non-stress tests on July 21st and July 24th to make sure that baby is handling the prolonged pregnancy well.  If everything continues to check out and look healthy in these tests, the doctor will hold off on inducing until Saturday, July 26th.  Hopefully, nature and baby Janae will decide to kick things into high gear before the 26th, though!

If baby Janae decides to be stubborn to the point of waiting that long to be born (please no, please no, please no…), then she’ll share a birthday with her 10 years older cousin, Abby!  (My sister-in-law confessed that she’s not-so-secretly hoping for the shared birthday outcome due to the cuteness factor.  I agree wholeheartedly about the extreme cuteness involved, but am holding out hope for an earlier, naturally occurring delivery.  We’re just going to have to wait and see who is the best wisher!)  😉


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Our New Camcorder! Janae Ruth McDonough

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  • 1. janell woods  |  July 16, 2008 at 4:38 pm

    because i’ve been in your shoes before and because i’ll be there again in another 18 weeks or so, i’m hoping that you’re the “best wisher”. i know how hard it is to be patient during these days…good luck and we’re hoping you get to meet your precious one oh-so soon!

  • 2. putdowntheurinalcake  |  July 17, 2008 at 8:21 pm

    Oh, I am SO the best wisher here! But I’ll compromise. You’re invited to go into a natural labor after 6pm on Friday, July 25. Then you get your natural and earlier-than-the-induction wish, but Abby and Janae still get cuteness factor. See how loving and giving I am? 😉

    Just look on the bright side. After pushing out one baby, you won’t have to redialate and do it again three hours later. (See how I just made that all about me?)

    Love you!



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