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The Story (a pg-rated photo tour) Part 2

When I last left you, I had just come into the room to find that the medical personnel in the room had doubled, and Kim had moved into a pushing position since I had left the room five minutes earlier. Apparently, when Kim was given her epidural, everyone was assuming that we still had some significant time before delivery. Immediately after the epidural, she was found to be at 10 cm. Nice, because if they had checked 10 minutes earlier, no epidural.

Here I am, “helping”:

“Helping” included encouraging remarks, bracing the left leg (a nurse had the right), and supporting the back of her head during pushing without forcing her chin into her throat (no small feat, just ask my brother-in-law.)

I personally had three stressful moments in the hour that followed:

  1. When the water broke, a nurse immediately made a call to the neo-natal unit to advise of “mec”. In the EMT class I took last year, I remembered that “mec” means meconium, which often is the result of fetal distress, and can lead to some fairly significant complications. Stressful.
  2. When her head crowned, a surplus of scalp folded under the pressure, which is not a problem, but from my angle the fold looked like a caved-in portion of skull. Which in my ever-looking-for-connections brain, would definitely qualify as the fetal distress leading to the meconium staining. Not a fun moment.
  3. When her whole head emerged, the cord was wrapped twice around her neck. Now there were competing sources for the fetal distress.

So when the doctor asked if I wanted to cut the cord, I did a quick gut check, and decided against it. Last thing anyone needed was me going down in the delivery room. The one thing that helped me keep it together was watching the reactions of the doctors on hand. Other than advising the neo-natal staff of the meconium issue, no other personnel was requested, and everyone seemed downright at ease. I kept telling myself that if anything was going drastically wrong, the room would quickly fill up with more doctors.

Despite all the drama, she was born within an hour of the start of active labor, got her first breaths in, and was on her way! First she had to get a bath:

Then it was back to meet mom, and get a family photo:

We spend the next two nights at the hospital. The expertise when we had questions was nice. Sleeping on the floor and moving around a cramped little room was not nice. It was an amazing feeling to pack up, get in the car, and drive home as a family of three.


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The Story (a pg-rated photo tour) Part 1

So if you 1) have read any previous posts, or 2) talked to Kim in the past week, you already knew that we were overdue. Due date was July 14. After the due date comes, mom and baby go through a series of non-stress tests (apparently they can also be called stress tests, but I am highly skeptical of the idea that the exact same thing can be called by opposite names…) First (non) stress test was scheduled for Monday, July 21.

At the test, mom’s blood pressure was deemed high (see preeclampsia), so we were shipped off to the hospital for induction. Luckily, we were warned that this could happen, so bags were packed and loaded.

Kim was admitted (after an awkward delay, we must have gotten to the hospital ahead of the induction orders, which led to “So, why are you here again?” being asked multiple times…) and given dinner.

Kim was placed on medications that got her ready for contractions. If you want to know more about what “getting ready for contractions” means biologically, feel free to ask, but if I post it here I lose my pg rating. Those medications took all night to take complete effect. During the night we slept (a little), read, re-watched the pilot episode of The Office, and took walks.

The requirement to monitor baby’s heartbeat and mom’s contractions necessitated use of telemetry for walks. Basically, ‘telemetry’ is bridging the monitor sensors to the monitor equipment via a battery-powered wireless transmitter.

I mostly include this picture because we were apparently the first couple in the history of the hospital to carry around the telemetry equipment without the rolling IV stand. At the hospital, all it takes to be “that clever couple” is to hang a wireless transmitter around your neck. We like being “that clever couple”.

We thought we would have much of the following day to slowly progress through labor. We had family on both sides on hand to visit, play cards, and so on. Kim was feeling some pain, so we delayed the visiting long enough to get her some drugs. Once the drugs set in, I went out to send in Kim’s mom and sister. With the two of them on their way back to see Kim, my plan was to hang out with my folks and sister and Kim’s dad for 5-10 min.

About 30 seconds later, Kim’s sister comes running down the hall to tell me that I “might want to come back to the room, there’s a lot going on.” I went. To find a room full of doctors. And Kim in stirrups.

From left to right:

One of Kim’s feet (as much of her in this position as she will let me post), Dr. Esther Moy (I was told that no one remembers the name of the name of the doctor who delivers your baby. I took this as a challenge), Daniel the Med Student (I hope it is not condescending to call him Daniel the Med Student, because he was very nice and knowledgeable.)

More of the story when I have time (so if I understand this whole parenthood thing correctly, might mean never…)

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Janae’s 1st Video (age 30 minutes)

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Illicit Muffins, Trashy Magazines, and Blogging (fun in the maternity ward)

During labor (which we assumed would last forever) we intended to write an entry. We only ever got to the title, but I’m posting it anyway, because I think that’s funny…

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Janae Ruth McDonough

Janae Ruth McDonough
Born July 22, 2008 at 1:50pm
7 pounds,10 ounces
19.5 inches long

Pictures here!

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Baby seems to be taking the long route…

Well, we just returned from our first “overdue” appointment with the OB.  Some things (soft, effaced cervix) are looking really good and ready to go, while other things (lack of a cervix dilating past 2 cm) are dawdling and taking their own sweet time.

After checking in on baby’s heart rate, weight gain, and belly size (all of which look perfect for where we’re at), it was time to talk induction.  This was a conversation that I wasn’t incredibly excited to have, as I’ve been hoping that my body and the baby would work together and get the show on the road naturally.  I really wanted to avoid using Pitocin or other drugs that are supposed to induce labor because of the increased intensity of contractions as well as the increased need for C-Sections (please no C-Sections, Lord!).  Because of that, and the doctor seeming pretty happy with a “watch and wait” plan as long as I don’t stay pregnant beyond 42 weeks, we’re going to hold off on induction for a bit longer to let nature (hopefully) take its course.

We’re heading back to the doctor’s office next week for non-stress tests on July 21st and July 24th to make sure that baby is handling the prolonged pregnancy well.  If everything continues to check out and look healthy in these tests, the doctor will hold off on inducing until Saturday, July 26th.  Hopefully, nature and baby Janae will decide to kick things into high gear before the 26th, though!

If baby Janae decides to be stubborn to the point of waiting that long to be born (please no, please no, please no…), then she’ll share a birthday with her 10 years older cousin, Abby!  (My sister-in-law confessed that she’s not-so-secretly hoping for the shared birthday outcome due to the cuteness factor.  I agree wholeheartedly about the extreme cuteness involved, but am holding out hope for an earlier, naturally occurring delivery.  We’re just going to have to wait and see who is the best wisher!)  😉

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Our New Camcorder!

Well, it took some blood sweat and tears (which really means “time, frustration, and an undesired detour through YouTube”) but I did it!

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