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La Jungla finally finished!

After months of drafting and sketching, painting and edging, and countless hours of blacklining the Jungla is finished!  On Tuesday, Jeff and I pulled a late night to finish painting all the black lines in the nursery.  Though it took countless hours to design and paint a floor-to-ceiling mural on 4 walls, we’re happy with the results.  We even decided that we’d do it again if we had the opportunity to go back and choose everything again!

Here’s three shots that show the animals and parts of 3 of the walls.  The blotchy spots in the photos aren’t actually painted on the walls, but are from a dusty and dirty photo lens.  (It was getting late, and we were too tired to keep fussing with the camera to take new photos.)  The colors in the photo aren’t entirely true to life, but it gives a decent idea of the “feel” the Jungla has.  It’s so much cuter in person, though!

Now that the nursery is fully painted, we started to move the furniture in.  The changing table is in place, the rocker and ottoman are assembled, the diaper pail is ready to go, and all the sweet little baby clothes are in their appropriate places in the closet or bureau drawers.  Seeing the room come together is starting to make baby Janae seem so much more real!

We can’t wait to bring her home and see her in her own little Jungla.  Hopefully, she’ll decide to make an earlier debut!


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Baby Update

We went to the Doctor today- all is well. It was a super quick check up: measure the belly (my stomach is the right size) and listen to the baby’s heartbeat. When the doctor held the sonogram monitor to my stomach, Janae tried to push away the wand and kick the doctor. Like she does every time. (Only now, she’s putting some muscle behind those kicks– ouch!) Already, we see a little personality coming out– this girl doesn’t like to be poked or bothered, and she’ll let you know it! (Just like a first born daughter ought to. Ian, are you scared yet?) 🙂

The best news from the appointment today is that we can finally take a deep breath after the chicken pox epidemic at my school. After the county Department of Health got involved and a new student was diagnosed with the chicken pox daily (not exaggerating: 15% of the school came down with the chicken pox– total infestation!), there was plenty of worry about whether my continued teaching would put Janae at risk. After taking off some time from work, the doctor says that I seem to be doing fine (no more itchy rash, hallelujah!), and baby is doing great as well. As long as no more students pass around childhood diseases for the rest of the school year (5 more days… Yahoo!), we should be in good shape!

So, all in all, a good check up! I can’t believe how fast this whole pregnancy is going. It seriously feels like we found out just a month or so ago, and we’re at 35 weeks already. The craziest part for me, though, is thinking that babies are considered to be full term anywhere between 36 – 40 weeks. I can’t quite wrap my brain around thinking that Janae could potentially join us next week!

Here’s hoping that Jeff and I can wrap our brains around it enough to finish painting La Jungla soon. 🙂

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